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Ljud Konrad Nyström   lördag 10 februari 2024

John - the apostle of love (English/Swahili)

The three apostles that have had the greatest impact on the church are Peter, Paul and John, and they are all examples to follow in many ways. And I love and Peter and Paul, and want to be like them, for instance like Paul in his devotion. But John is very special to me, for many reasons, and one of them is the amazing love that you can see in the gospel of John and his three letters.

And we are called to follow his example, just as Peter and Paul, and grow in love. But remember where this love is found: only in Jesus Christ, and it is given, not by merit, but by grace, as a gift, to everyone who asks, believes and receives. Broadcasted via Radio Milambo, Migori, Kenya.

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