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Ljud Konrad Nyström   måndag 22 maj 2023

It is written! (English/Swahili)

God's Word is the strongest rock there is, in God's Word there is salvation, rescue, for all people who live on our earth. Therefore, the Word is what the Evil One directs many of his attacks against, and today the Word is more attacked in the West than for a very long time, maybe more than ever before, and unfortunately not only in society, but also in the Church of Jesus Christ, for example through Liberal Theology.

This sermon wants to try to point out how the Word is today questioned and attacked, and how we can respond to it, but also point out the incredible power, wisdom and authority that is in the Word, and how important it is for us to be rooted in God's Word, with our faith and our lives, because then we become very difficult to shake, because God's Word cannot be shaken, and lasts forever.

And when the Evil One tempted Jesus in the desert, Jesus answered: it is written, and for those words the Enemy will yield. Because Jesus said: heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will never pass away.

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